Professional Organizing

Organizing Services Included


Valley Organizing offers simple and fancy labeling. We offer simple white/black labeling as well as fancy chalk and clip on labeling.

Product assembly

Not only will we recommend the right product, but we will also assemble and organize your belongings. This can range from shelving units, racks, and any type of furniture or organizing piece.

Donation Haul

During the organizing and decluttering process, items you are wanting to donate, Valley Organizing will haul off. Clothing, blankets, small furniture, toys, and much more.

The Process of Organizing


Categorizing your items and possessions into like categories is the first step to organizing. This way you have the opportunity to see the quantity of belongings all in one spot. At times you may not realize how much of something you have until it's all in one spot sorted.


Sorting through and purging possessions can be the most challenging aspect of the organizing journey. Our expertise is here to support you every step of the way, assisting in determining items that might not fit your space or hold significance any longer.


Containing your belongings into bins and containers is the most efficient way to store items. Clear bins are an organizing favorite. That way everything is clearly visible. Although any form of container will work for organizing.

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